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The Latin Quarter

Wednesday, July 4th, 2012

Yesterday, our class explored the Latin Quarter.  It has narrow streets and tall buildings, which at the time they were constructed was normal since they likely did not use any form of transportation other than walking or boat.  They must have been really crowded though at some point!

Because of the very limited amount of space, there has not been room for growth in the area, causing it to become a tourist area.  It mostly consists of restaurants and gift stores.  However, as we were walking through the streets, we found a little bookshop, which could not have stored any more books inside if the owners tried.

At some point I want to go to a Jazz Club (Caveau de la Huchette) in the Latin Quarter, mainly because it is located where rebels hid during the French Revolution and executions were held.


Afterwards, our class stopped at a comic store.  Comics and graphic novels are much more popular in France than they are in America.  I personally am not that knowledgeable about them, but the store was still really interesting.

We then continued on St Jaque, a major street, which became narrower as we entered a later, poorer area when it was built.  All of a sudden, at a cross street we could see the Pantheon.  The point for compression (tighter spaces) and release (a sudden opening) planning is so that the unexpected grand buildings have a powerful impact on people.