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Political Parties, Issues and Stances

Friday, November 9th, 2012

I love this unit. I love it so much. Words cannot express how much I love this unit. Even the students who care nothing about politics are getting into it, and working hard to express their opinions. I had students whip out their English textbook in order to introduce vocabulary they had learned that week in their normal English class (cross-curriculum learning!). One group called me over, to help resolve a debate.

“Teacher. Our group member is crazy. She wants a dictatorship, and she wants to invade other countries. We cannot agree with her. She is a crazy girl.”

“Well, she’s not crazy – she’s a political extremist. All political parties have them. In order to succeed you have to work together and compromise.”

The political extremist smiled her sassy smile, and the other students sighed, nodded, and continued to debate.

In this tiny political microcosm, students are producing some really interesting and well-thought out opinions. I took the ones that I thought were the most interesting, or the best thought out, and am sharing them here. Take note, that while I did edit these statements before giving them back to students, I present them here unedited (spelling errors fixed, but I did not change any of the grammar or vocabulary used in the following statements) so that you can see how brilliant my students are.

“We think we should increase tax because when we are young we pay taxes more and we get old our welfare will be better.”

“We think we should export our excellent Energy Plant. Because our economy can be better and other countries can live more comfortable.”

“We think politician wage is too high so their wage should be reduced because their wage consist of tax.”

“We want to get more immigration because we have too many old people so we need young people to work, ex) 3D”

“We think Korea education need to introduce Discussion Based class because Korea students have been so stressed about existing education.”

“We want to increase the number of internship of young people because today’s youth unemployment rate is increasing.”

“We want to admit homosexual love because prejudice is bad.” [This one came from my BOYS who in my experience are more likely to make homophobic statements than the girl students. I was so proud.]

“We want to found a kindergarten that enables dual-incomes to commit their children because crime about children is being increased”

“We think temporary positions have too much unfair things because they are neglected by many people and every day they have too much stress.”

“We want to know the way of using our taxes because our taxes can be used in bad things.”

“we think we acquire more job to old people who quit job because as a counter plan of aging society, more people will be old, and their choice is limited, so we need to more job to old people.”

“We want to provide economic support (ex: education fee, found nursery, etc) because it can raise fertility rate. We want to guarantee senior citizen’s workplace because it can improve their quality of life.”

“We think smokers have to have individual trash bags because used cigarettes are making pollution, making fires.”

“We think our country improve traffic system because our natural animal is died by many crucial cars and motorcycle.”

“We want to enhance genuine gender education because we studied in school by TV but it’s not enough.”

“We need to get wartime operational control from USA because we are independent country so have right to have autonomy.”

“We need to protect multicultural families because they are isolated from our society.”

“We think government has to teach information of civil rights because ignorance makes discrimination.”

Some groups… just make me sad, or scared.

“We think we war USA because if we win we could spread our red ideas.” [This one's from the self-titled Communist Party. They also want to sell soap and toothpaste to Russia and China because they are also communist countries. I'm also 99% sure this one's a joke, unlike the ones that follow.]

“We think immigration is bad because immigrants take jobs.”

“We want to destroy the Feminist Party because they decrease men’s right.”

“We want to fair treatment because girls have taken more profit.”

It’s difficult for me to stand back and watch them write things that I vehemently disagree with, but that’s part of being a teacher. As a woman and as an immigrant (albeit, not a permanent resident), I really don’t know what I’ll do if the entire class agrees with this team’s points during the debate. I let the students write whatever they want, as long as it’s not vulgar, inappropriate, or indecent, because next week they have to stand in front of their classmates and defend it. People have the right to free speech, and they have the right to their own opinions, no matter how much I may disagree with their statements, but as they are future participatory members of society part of me hopes they’ll receive some form of verbal smackdown from their classmates.

Let the debates begin, and let the best politician be left standing.

Postcards from 2.1, 2.6, and 2.7

Sunday, September 2nd, 2012

 Class this week was about vacations. Students were given fifteen minutes to write and decorate a postcard to anyone (friends, family, teachers, or idols) about their summer vacation (either their real vacation, or their ideal vacation). The had to use one of five idioms taught in class: cabin fever, the dog days of summer, R&R, hit the road, and veg out. Here’s what three of my second grade girl classes came up with.

Dear ES

Hi. My name is SM. Why do you like me? I know you like me. I know you care. But I’m so busy girl Sorry. ^_^.
How about your vacay? This week is the day of summer. Be careful your health. You should grow up!! Loser.

Bye bye ~

[E: Note, the words over 'Hell gate' say "Dormitory Building 1."]

Dear people in Jindo (my hometown)

Hi! Everyone I’m ES! I was very sorry to hear the news that typhoon came and destroyed all town. Although Jindo is out of the map now, I believe someday the most beautiful island Jindo will arise.
It was very very terrible vacation.
But luckily my family move the town. We’re okay.
Be health! and cheer up! and Be R&R
Sincerely, Eunseo

[E: Jindo wasn't actually destroyed by the typhoon, fyi. This was written on Monday, before the typhoon hit on Tuesday.]

Dear Emily,

I saw my feature of future in a dream.
In dreams, my feature was different each day.
I tried to do something that is the phase of my future dream, but I failed.
I want to be the person who was in my dream, but I didn’t even try it@
Please give me a cheer up words!
It’s the dog days of summer that sometimes I want to give up dream.
Help me!
Sincerely, NK

Dear Emily
I want to go Europe with only a backpack and money and eat a lot of country food. but I will escape Dog Days of summer. I like little cloudy weather (not rainny or humid day). I will take a lot of picture and meet foreign friends ^_^.

Dear Emily <3 ^ㅠ^<3
Hello. I got your letter yesterday so I was very happy. I had an unforgettable vacation like you. I met my lover ‘공유’ who is actor by coincidence. I approached him right away.. ^o^ㅎ I told that I’m a big fan of him. I asked him that I want to have dinner together. As he was not busy, he could have dinner with me. Seeing such a handsome man is really fantastic.
Sincerely, GH

Dear HNH
Hello, it’s me.What’s up?
I was sick so I went to hospital in Gangwondo.
I want to heard however,you stay home or anywhere. I misses my friends who live in Changpyeong. I misses my parents because I don’t se the. I met them once a week. I was very sad but I”m okay because now I live in CP high school.
Sincerely, DH

Dear 봉냔
Today your hair is 뭉치뭉치 [E: bunch bunch] like 삽살 [E:?] dog. You borrow my hairband.
Last week you borrowed my hairband.
So you have 2 my hairbands –
When they return me? –
Please return as soon as possible.
P.S. today 불라벤 come 한반도 [E: 불라벤: the typhoon; 한반도: the peninsula]
so we have to 사재기 [E: stockpile?]
i wish you have R&R, good luck.

Dear Crab Meat <3
Hi! I writing a letter to you. This summer I have a wonderful vacation.
During this summer vacation, I was really, really comfortable. I rest all day.
I relax all day. I slept all day. Complete R and R. I didn’t study, but instead of studying I read comic books of all worlds. Now I can concentrate at study, I think.
You like treat me roughly,  but I think I like it. I want to be your friend for long time.
Sincerely, intelligent.

Dear YR
Hello ~~ what’s up!! How are you??? ㅇuㅇ.
I’m so so happy ~~
Because!! I wen to “East Sea” with “Ki Sung Yong”
Do you know him??
he is very important and famous soccer player ~~
We play in the water ~~ We ate samgyupsal.
It’s so delicious ~ because we were deeply in love~~!!
We need R&R, so we went to spa.
It’s very very special summer vacation.
After I meet him with U. You expect him ~~
bye ~~~~ ^_^

Dear SY. HY.
Hi, I’m your love love DE.
This summer is so so so so hot.
We need  more R&R :( .
I hit the road 완도 [E: to Wando, an island] with my friends *^^*
It was short, but I satisfied with this travel. Because we went there together ~~. When we grow up, promise that we can go travel together next and after next year we always be together <3.

ZOMBIE ATTACK: Survival Plans

Tuesday, November 1st, 2011

The best of the best, and the funniest of the worst.


The Winners

Class 2.4′s winner:

“Dig the ground by hand And make a spear with bamboo And stick it into a hole. And cover the hole with blanket. Cut spam like brains and skins. Hanging on the hoop and swing attract zombie and then they will go to hole and die.” – Followed by a picture.

Class 2.4′s Runner-Up:

“Bamboo because we can build a castle. Shotgun because we can kill zombie from a distance. Spam and kimchi because we can eat this and these are not decayed.”
[Teacher's note: Main reason they did not win was because they forgot the shotgun runs out of bullets. They then said they'd use the bamboo from their castle as spears, but then they wouldn't have a castle anymore.]

Class 1.1A’s winner:

“Tool 1 – Dog:
he can attract zombies with his fresh brain!
Tool 2 – Flame Thrower:
we can burn them to the ash!!
Tool 3 – Shotgun
Zombies are sieged by us. We can shoot them in distance.
Tool 4 – Chainsaw
We can hang it on the wall and kill zombies or it can explode!”
[They verbally explained they would use the dog's brain to lure the zombies into a trap and set them on fire. They could also make the chainsaw explode by using the flamethrower. Any zombies that escaped they would pick off at a distance with the shotgun.]

Class 1.1A’s Runner Up:

“Tool 1: Flame Thrower
Because it’s powerful, easy to use.
Tool 2: Dog
Because it can bite, they’re trained. We can eat it when we are hungry. Not lonely.
Tool 3: Wood and nails
Because we can make fire.
Tool 4: Rope
Because we can tie them.

Plan: We can train and order dog to make zombies together [to gather them together] and bite them Meanwhile we tie them and throw woods on the floor Make fire!! with flame thrower. camp fire!!”
[Main reason they didn't win was they didn't take into account that the dog could turn into a ZOMBIE DOG.]

Class 2.2′s Winner:

“Tools 1. Blanket
Tools 2. Axe
Tools 3. Chainsaw
Tools 4. Kimchi

We cover blanket and go to Teacher 영수 (Young-su, my co-teacher). And he must be angry. We girp [give?] the axe and chainsaw to Teacher 영수. And we run away. And in case we disguise like zombie with kimchi soup. Then Teacher 영수 kill the zombie.”

Class 2.1′s Winner:

“Chainsaw: Because it is strong power.
Axe: Because it is strong power. we can use this to cut off zombie’s head.
Flamethrower: Because to kill many zombies.
Spam: Because we will make spam like brain shape with chainsaw and make hot with flamethrower and give to zombie.”

Class 2.5′s Winner:

“Spam – Because we can eat by flamethrower and chainsaw.
Chainsaw – we can cut the spam to cook. and we can chop the z’s head.
Flame Thrower – we can cook the spam and zombie. if the fuel run out of  we can use spam’s oil.
Wood and nailgun – we can make our home to live in. And we can make baseball bat by using chainsaw. We can play baseball with z’s head.”

Class 2.5′s Runner-up (just barely):

“Super Dog – He can bite kill zombie and we can eat the dog in need. And cute. We can also use its hide and claw.
Flame Thrower – Shoot the zombie and can cook the dog. If it runs out of oil we can use dog’s oil.
Chainsaw – Cut the dog’s meat and kill the zombie. If it runs out of oil we can also use oil.
Rope – Hang the dog. Trap with rope. Hang the zombie and laugh at hung zombie.
And whip -> Zombie.”

The [Funny] Zombie Victims

Class 2.4

“1. Spam: Spam mail
2. Kimchi: Birthday gift
3. Shotguns: Gift for zombie
4. Blankets: Strangle”

Class 2.9

“1. A dog: Because we can eat a dog when we are hungry.
2. Spam: Because we can eat a spam when we are hungry.
3. Kimchi: Because we can eat a kimchi when we are hungry.
4. An axe: Because we cut spam, kimchi and dog
* Flamethrower: Because we can eat grilled dog, spam and kimchi”

Class 2.9 (Again)

“Spam and Kimchi: For eating
Blanket: For sleeping
Dog: Friend
[we will go on peaceful ways]
*-Zombies are our friends!”

Class 1.8A

“1. Axe: Because zombie chew axe.
2. Dog: Because zombie eat a dog instead person.
3. Kimchi: Because zombie like kimchi.
4 Spam: Because it’s delicious.”


Worth a note, all of the people who have died in this game so far are boys.


Tuesday, November 1st, 2011

Well, my students are prepared.

We started off by explaining how to tell who is a zombie, then we got straight to the point – zombies like brains. Changpyeong High School students have great brains. Ergo, ZOMBIE ATTACK.

(note this is not my lesson, just someone else’s lesson that I adapted)

I split my students into groups and gave each group a folder (or some groups shared) with 5 weapons or materials, and they had to come up with pros, cons, and how to use each item. Each folder had different items. Then they had to switch groups and give me back the folders and from memory in their new groups decide which 4 of the 15 items they would keep and how they would use them. Anyone who survived got candy, anyone who died became zombie candy. To push creativity I told the classes that the most creative group got two pieces of candy.   

Weapon’s List:

Baseball Bat: A regular, wooden baseball bat.

Chainsaw: This chainsaw comes in either “scary-looking, manly” or “pink Gucci” style. You get 6 Liters of gasoline with the chainsaw.

Flamethrower: This flamethrower can shoot fire 8 meters. You get 6 Liters of gasoline with the flamethrower.

Blankets: Enough blankets for everyone in your group. It’s November – you might get cold.

Matches: These waterproof matches will still work if you get them wet!


Rope: 110 meters of very strong rope.

Shotgun: This shotgun comes with a case of shotgun shells (bullets). 1 case has 20 boxes of shells inside. 1 box has 25 shells inside.

Spam: This is a LIFETIME supply of spam. Yum.


Kimchi: It’s really spicy, and good for your health!

Wood and a Nail Gun: This is an unlimited supply of wood planks, a nail gun, and an unlimited supply of nails.

An Axe

 A Dog

A Mirror

The kids who got the typical weapons (like “shotgun” “axe” etc) had a much easier time coming up with pros, but my favorites are the atypical ones:

Pro: Prevent cancer
Con: Very Spicy
We can use this to rub into Zombie’s eye

Pro: We can eat it while we are hungry.
Con: It’s not a good weapon, and we need rice to eat it.

Pro: We can eat when we are hungry.
Con: It’s hard to cut zombie’s head.
We can throw it for zombie’s eyes interrupt to zombie’s sight.

Pro: We – Koreans – have to eat kimchi
Con: It raises our osmotic pressure, so we need water a lot.
It’s good for our health

Pro: It can recharge our energy to fight them. It can fascinate zombie by awesome taste.
Con: It’s so spicy.
We can use this to paralyze zombie’s sight.

Pro: We can make zombie embarrassed
Con: No die
We can use this to cover zombie’s eye.

Pro: When we throw it, zombie can’t walk easily so we can earn time to attack them. And we can be healthy.
Con: We can’t kill them directly.
We can use it to hinder zombie’s walking.

Pro: Save the energy
Con: too loud
We can use it to bomb the Zombie’s eardrum

A dog:
Pro: Enticement
Con: Not human (so zombi’s not eat the dog)
How to use it: if we are dangerous [i.e. if we are in danger] a dog come across so dog dead.

Pro: It can make zombies come, “cute” and we can eat it.
Con: So noisy and can’t control.

Baseball bat:
Pro: Strong, light, and easy to swing. We can play baseball.
Con: Breakable.

Pro: It’s hard, long, so that we can safe us from zombies. If we break baseball bat, we can use shaped part to kill zombies.
Con: The more we use shaped part the more it wears out
We can use this to homerun zombie’s heads.

An Axe:
Pro: This is ‘Man’s’ Romance
Con: It’s too heavy
We can use this to cut zombie’s heads.

Pro: This is sexy weapon
Con: It’s too hot
We can use this to burn zombie.

Con: Limited fuel makes us sad
We can use this to burn zombie

Pro: Delicious
Con: Zombie can smell it.
We can eat it.

Pro: We give it as a food so zombie is full. therefore we don’t get eaten by zombie.
Con: Useless.

Pro: We can die without be a zombie.
We can use this to suicide

Pro: If we cover it, teacher will be angry and give him to ax, he kill zombie. [If we cover the teacher with the blanket he will be angry and then if we give him the axe he will kill the zombies]
Con: Next time we die
We can use this to cover dead friends.


Next post – a compilation of my favorite survival plans. As this is just the first day of MANY (at least 5) days of Halloween, consider this and the following post a work in progress.