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A New and Improved Purpose

Sunday, December 20th, 2009

So I’m requisitioning this blog for a new purpose: a thorough record of my semester in London. I’ll still post reviews (of which I hope there will be many) but I’ll also be posting about my classes, living in London, and any other being-in-a-foreign-country-related things. So let’s start with a description of the three classes I’m signed up for thus far:

Music Radio
This class is the one that confuses me the most in terms of scheduling. We meet twice a week from 10am to 5pm but it’s only listed for meeting for the first half of the semester. Which confuses me because I’m getting a full 15 credits for it (4 in the American system). But in terms of content I’m really glad I got into the class because it’s going to teach me an invaluable skill: How to incorporate quizzes into my radio show. That and other technical stuff that will be really good to know once I graduate from free form radio to regular programmed radio. Also one of the books we’re suppose to read for the course I’ve already read, so that’s nice.
Law and the Music Market
Contracts! We meet once a week for two hours where in I will learn about intellectual property, copyrights and you, and contracts! I’m actually really quite excited about this class because…well because I am. The copyright and intellectual property stuff is actually very pertinent what with illegal downloading and mash-ups and all that good stuff. I don’t care what anyone says, it’s going to be interesting dammit. Even if I can’t explain why.
Principles of Music Marketing
This is the class I’m least excited about largely because I have no plans for going into music marketing. Sure it will be interesting from an intellectual standpoint and in terms of transfer credits it will do quite nicely, but in terms of real life interest…not so much. So yeah.
Well those are my classes. I have three more weeks until I’m actually in London so unless something super exciting and related to my studies and/or reviews pop up (or I finally get down to reviewing the Cribs and Arctic Monkeys most recent albums) there won’t be any updates until at least Jan. 17th (day before orientation.) I may post a “best of” list at the beginning of Jan. but don’t count on it. So yeah. Welcome to my new and improved blog.