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A Day of Rest

Wednesday, August 10th, 2011


Julie and I didn’t even consider getting out of bed before noon. We were so tired from the constant hustle and bustle of our vacation that we were ready for a little R&R. We probably would have snoozed right through lunch had the maid service not come knocking on our door asking to clean the room. Julie and I sent her away and didn’t roll out of bed till around one, and after grabbing a quick breakfast from one of the take away places in the hotel we grabbed some sunscreen and headed for the pool.


Hanging out poolside


We lazed around poolside for a few hours, and when that got old took a walk down the beach to see some of the other hotels that were on our island. Around five or so we started to get hungry so we headed back to the room and to find mom and dad. As it turns our parents had started their day a good bit earlier, and of course dad had been seated at the bar at 11 when they started serving alcohol. His drink of choice? A long island ice tea. Mom came along, but she can’t hold her liquor quite like Dad can, so she had abandoned him to relax in the room which is where Julie and I found her on our way back from the pool. Since she had gotten up at a reasonable hour she didn’t have much interest in eating dinner as soon as we wanted to, so we went back to our own room and changed into some beachy evening attire and took a stroll around the resort before headed to dinner together.

hammock sitting


overlooking the resort




Making some tiki friends

We had a “lesbian date night” as Julie calls it, dinner and drinks together at the oceanside restaurant. Once we had eaten we headed back to the room to watch movies on TV and order dessert from room service. Mom came in a bit later and we chatted and hung out and then still ended up going to bed fairly early. It was so nice to have a lazy day

legal drinking in Fiji


fruity drinks


We thought that the next day would be more of the same, but as it turns out while Mom and Dad had been throwing back long islands at the bar the morning jet ski tours had been heading out. Every year we have gone to the beach as a family Dad has suggested that we rent jet skis for a day, but it has never happened. Every year we have a conversation where he suggests that we do something adventurous like that, and every year mom shoots him down and spends her vacation in a beach chair with a book and a cold drink instead. With our Australian vacation we were breaking all the conventions of the Lapointe family trips, so in their lightly buzzed morning drinking state when they saw the jet ski groups going out Mom and Dad had finally agreed that we would in fact do something adventurous. They had booked us a three hour jet ski safari for the following morning, so we went to sleep with that to look forward to!