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Friday, June 1st, 2012


Its just beautiful. So today we randomly had to wake up to meet at 9:30 even though we didn’t have our tour till 1:00. Mary and I abided to their wishes and rolled out of bed at like 9:27 and walked downstairs in our pjs to listen to the chat. (we were the only ones not dressed and ready to go.. whatever.) we then stepped over to breakfast, which is sadly lacking from the rest of the countries, and then popped up back into bed to grab as much sleep as possible. At 1:00 we met up with the rest of the group to go tour Prague’s castle.

It was beautiful! Ahh I like wish I could send you all vides of the amazing landscape and buildings. The castle was really cool unfortunately none of us could really understand our Czech tour guide… and not to mention for the tour (and only the tour) the weather decided to be rainy and cold. Not good for us sickies. The view from the top of the hill was also amazing of the city below

the girls!

After mary and I were starving and while the rest went back to the hotel (why?) we stopped at some concession stand and got corn on the cob, chicken kabob pita wrap thing, fruit and water. All for like ~$5 WOO! We then wandered the streets and found a cute restaurant to warm up in and got apple strudel (uhh yum) and somehow managed our way over to the Karluv Most (Charles Bridge) which was sweet and had a bunch of venders along it.

We then ended up back into the main square with the astronomy tower and did some souvenir shopping and grabed a tasty vanilla cream pastry before heading back to our hotel. We grabbed dinner at the local pizza place and DAD GUESS WHAT I got a bottled pepsi

Now im just chilling in the room about to go to bed before our depressing day tomorrow.. touring a concentration camp and Jewish children memorial thing… cant wait.

BUT tomorrow night a bunch of us are going out to have fun and explore I actually cant wait for that!

Miss everyone, single digits till we are home now!


Feeling the Love

Thursday, March 15th, 2012

All week the new students’ parents have been bringing in gifts (food) to show their appreciation to the teachers. I am so full of bread, strawberries, and 떡 (rice cake) right now.

I feel so much more at home here this semester than last. Last semester whenever students used to come into the main office I’d look up, make eye contact, smile, and look back down. This semester students actually come up and talk to me while they’re waiting for other teachers – or better yet, sometimes I look down to look back up and see that they are in fact waiting to talk to me.

Today two of my second grade girls came in to talk to me and ask if I would practice conversation with them Tuesdays and Thursdays during the lunch period. You could tell they were nervous because they had actually prepared a script with their request that they were reading off of, and they told me they wanted to “get better at English and become closer with me.” My heart just melted.

Yesterday was a testing day but I came to school right after lunch because all of the female teachers were gathering and having coffee and snacks to welcome the new female teachers. We actually have three, all of which are fairly young, and can speak some English. They’ve actually been seeking me out to talk with me, which I’m still not entirely used to.

On top of that, I’ve actually had multiple groups of students come up to me and ask the title of my club activity and tell me that they were going to/had already signed up.

Speaking of club activities, for my first day I’m thinking about having my students play Kings (sans beverage). Basically, I’ll fan out a deck of cards in a circle and give every student 10 M&Ms to start with. They have to pull a card and do the command associated with the card’s number, and they can either lose an M&M by failing to follow a command or gain one by doing it correctly. Here are the commands so far:

2’s – Tell us your hobbies.
3’s – Take one M&M from someone.
4’s – Ask someone a question using a past tense [과거]. That student must answer. 
5’s – Ask a question using a future tense [미래]. That student must answer. 
6’s – Give one M&M to someone.
7’s – 7s. Here the student who drew the card must begin by saying the number 7, the next student in place must then say 14, the next must say 21 and so on. The first student who makes a mistake or doesn’t answer for 5 seconds loses and has to give up an M&M. The game continues on from the loser’s position.
8’s – Sing a line of a song (Korean/English) OR quote a movie (ENGLISH only)
9’s – Change direction : Counter clockwise to clockwise or vice versa.
10’s – Categories : Here the student who drew the card must name a category. The student next in turn must then name something within that category. Then the next student and so on… The first student who makes a mistake or doesn’t answer for 5 seconds loses and has to give up an M&M. The game continues on from the loser’s position.
Jacks – I have never: Students put up three fingers. Students must take turns saying something they have never done. EX: I have never been to Europe. Whoever HAS been to Europe must put a finger down. Whoever puts down all three fingers first loses and has to give up an M&M.
Queens – ???
Kings – ???
Aces – ???

If you have any ideas please let me know!

No my name does not mean “Light Lover”

Wednesday, September 7th, 2011

It’s so strange how different classes think alike sometimes. I swear, sometimes students will tell a joke, and I’ll laugh, thinking it’s pretty original, but then almost every single class I teach will say that same joke, and it just makes me wonder, how on earth does that happen? Do they talk about class outside of class? I doubt it… is it a hive mind? Probably not. Is it super funny or make a whole lot of sense? Not particularly.

I taught Latin roots last week. I would say a root and students would shout out what they thought the root meant, followed by words with that root (i.e. “Aud” – “to hear! -audience, -audible, -audition, etc). By the time we got to “Tele” (far! -telephone, -television, -telepathy) there was always one smart alec who shouted out “teletubbies!” I guess maybe… if you consider the “tele” maybe standing for fat beings who live in your television? Hm.

Also, students tended to have trouble with “Am” and “Photo.” To help them figure out the roots, I had them suggest words first, then see what they had in common. “Am” means love, and many names like Amy, and Amanda come from that root. When I asked my students what English names they could think of had “Am” in them, almost all classes responded “Amily.” Fail. When I asked what words (not even names, just words) had “Photo” guess what they responded? That’s right, Photosky. I think Amily Photosky teacher is almost as good as Animal teacher…