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Student Profile: Math God

Tuesday, January 8th, 2013

Here are some choice interactions with Math God, a first/second grade boy. He’s a student government representative, a giant with a bowl cut (taller than me by a good head and a half), and the other student in this conversation with CAPS LOCK KID.

Before class.

“How are you today? Are you excited to be at school?”
“Yes, because I can see YOU.”
I shake my head. Class continues.

During the ball toss activity:

“What did you do during vacation?”
“I met a girl!”
“Oh really?!”
“Yes. She is my mother.”
“She’s very beautiful, my mother.”

After class.

“DID you know I am a MATH GOD!”
“I thought HS was a math god?”
HS ducks his head, blushes, and starts to speak, but is drowned out by-
“HS is just human. I AM A GOD”