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Pictures from the May Concert

Thursday, May 16th, 2013



Some pictures of the events taken by the lovely Waygook Photography.


Sunday, May 12th, 2013

I had a really cool experience yesterday.

I know that at this point I mostly use this blog to blather on about my school, so most a lot of people don’t know what I do from day to day. Mostly I just teach or lesson plan, however I also study Korean and volunteer with various organizations. One organization where I both volunteer and study Korean at is the GIC, the Gwangju International Center. The GIC is a nonprofit organization that provides services to international residents in Gwangju or the surrounding areas and promotes cultural exchange between local and international residents.

The GIC is currently in the process of relocating, and fundraising to cover the relocation effort. Every May, the GIC hosts a May Concert that showcases local and international talent, and this year the proceeds of the May Concert were going to the GIC. They needed two people, a Korean person and a foreign person, to host the event, so they asked me to co-host the event with a very nice Korean English teacher.

I’ve actually never hosted anything before, so it was a very new experience for me. I received my script on Monday and spent all week frantically studying it, then on Sunday as the concert started I walked up on stage with my co-host, smiled at the audience that I couldn’t see because of the blinding stage lights, and said

“여러분, 안녕하십니까.”

A ripple of surprised laughter rang through the audience, which quieted down as I continued to give our introductory remarks in Korean. After I finished, my co-host took the microphone and smoothly introduced the concert in English. You see, as I said earlier one of the GIC’s  core tenants is promoting cultural exchange between local and international residents, and thus the GIC had asked me to host the event in Korean, and my co-host to host it in English. We continued on this way, alternating between English and Korean, with little trip-ups, and slightly unnatural cadences, for the rest of the concert.