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Upgrading Increasingly

Saturday, January 5th, 2013

I’m back in CP and preparing to teach on Monday. I teach a one week long winter “camp” which just means that I teach as normal, except that instead of teaching both first and second grade, I  just teach second grade. I actually like it, because I get to see second grade twice in one week! This is novel, especially considering that when they were first graders (a month ago) I saw them once every two weeks if I was lucky. After this one week camp, I’ve got one week of nothing in CP and then travel and living in Seoul.

During the super-short winter vacation our students have, they were pretty active on facebook. The first and second graders were alternately bemoaning their short break and complaining that they missed their friends and wanted to go back to school. The second graders in particular seemed to be having mini-meltdowns on facebook as they realized that this was their last real break before the 수능 next November. However, the third graders. The third graders. The third graders were absolutely adorable.

First, I didn’t actually tell any of the third graders that I had a teacher facebook because I didn’t teach them, but a few of them managed to find me and it’s been snowballing from there. They’ve been studying hard for most of their time at CP, and now they’ve found themselves free. They’ve been reveling in their sudden almost overwhelming amount of free time, and have been posting the most adorable photos of their homerooms and their friends.

How can you not grin when you read that?