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Shopping in Bondi

Monday, June 27th, 2011

WIth a whole week ahead of me and no scheduled activities I decided that I would spend each day wandering around various sections of Bondi and document my findings. My first stop was the Westfield Bondi Junction Shopping Center. This shopping center is a six level massive high end shopping center, and the architecture on the inside is stunning and modern. It is bigger than Tysons in Northern Virginia, but type of stores inside more closely resembles Tysons 2. It contains stores that sell things that are so expensive I shouldn’t even be allowed to look at them. Stores like Coach, Harvey Norman, and David Jones. They also have some stores for us little people, like Target, Coles and Woolworths (the two major grocery store chains in Australia).

The entrance to this complex is quite literally right across the street from my Bondi residence, so I decided I would spend a few hours perusing the mall and then finish up at the grocery store since I needed to purchase  a few things to put together dinner for that evening. So I began:

Australian's don't go "Beyond" apparently, they just go to the table.

I would think this store name would lend itself to some very "Who's On First" kind of situations. Like, where are you going? My house. O you're going home? No I'm going to my house. Right, your house. No, My house, to buy linens. You buy linens from your house? NO! I buy linens from My house! I would think it would just be confusing/frustratingly comical

This makes me ashamed to be American

Either this company is affiliated with Dunkin Donuts or somebody's copyright lawyer is slacking

Super swanky lounge/cafe near the movie theatre

More of the swanky cafe

Milking the Shrek cash cow for those last lingering lactate drops.

Another fancy cafe space, this one with a view

What parent wants to purchase clothing for their child from a store with "bratz" in the name?

Nifty lighting fixture in one of the food courts

If there is a Build a Bear here surely Chipotle can't be far behind, because this continent is in dire need of some cheap readily available Mexican food thats good, and nobody is in need of do it yourself stuffed animals that cost way more than regular stuffed animals that are pre-made. Also- quote from one of my favorite comedians, Bo Burnham: "I adopted a child from overseas to rescue it from child labor factories, and on his very first birthday we went to build a bear workshop...oops"

Something I miss terribly from home, my bathrobe. Sadly it was too bulky to have been reasonable to bring with me, but I have missed it. I have this wonderful Martha Stewart Robe that makes it feel like I am cuddling into plush cloud of magic and happiness. Martha Stewart isn't so great with insider trading, but the woman can make a bathrobe.

For shame America, FOR SHAME! As if the bump-it didn't plague the northern hemisphere enough but now it is being exported?! Tragic.

This girl is bilingual at age 3 and yet somehow can't find things when they are right behind her? I MEAN COME ON.

I bet most Australians don't even know where Montana is, or that it is even a US state, and in this instance most Montana residents are probably grateful.

Hot pants for your toddler! Because they need to be selling more than lemonade on those street corners!

Very direct advertising. It must be affective because I bought one. It was quite good.

After  a few hours of wandering around the mall I went to the Woolworths, did a little grocery shopping (tim tams were on sale, it had to be done) and then headed back to my 18th floor apartment.

Bondi residence for the week!

I felt like such a little housewife for the day, because I spent it shopping and then came home and had dinner ready by the time Kaela and her mom returned from the zoo. Then we all hung out, chatted and watched television until we drifted off to bed.