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The Return of Photosky

Friday, March 16th, 2012

I think I’m sick AGAIN. Eurgh. Right now all the students seem to either be coughing, or have eye patches due to some contagious eye disease… I hate winter. Even though two of my favorite second grade boys classes are on Fridays, I did not want to go into school today. I scrapped my original lesson plan (a kind of intense one about similes and metaphors) and decided to just play scattergories to try to recover my voice. I forgot how into scattegories the students get and how much I have to yell to get their attention so that backfired but it definitely propped up my spirits.

When I entered 2.5 I immediately started teaching, but students told me to go look at the board. I turned around and saw this


I thought that they had forgotten my Latin roots lesson, and it just about made my day.

No my name does not mean “Light Lover”

Wednesday, September 7th, 2011

It’s so strange how different classes think alike sometimes. I swear, sometimes students will tell a joke, and I’ll laugh, thinking it’s pretty original, but then almost every single class I teach will say that same joke, and it just makes me wonder, how on earth does that happen? Do they talk about class outside of class? I doubt it… is it a hive mind? Probably not. Is it super funny or make a whole lot of sense? Not particularly.

I taught Latin roots last week. I would say a root and students would shout out what they thought the root meant, followed by words with that root (i.e. “Aud” – “to hear! -audience, -audible, -audition, etc). By the time we got to “Tele” (far! -telephone, -television, -telepathy) there was always one smart alec who shouted out “teletubbies!” I guess maybe… if you consider the “tele” maybe standing for fat beings who live in your television? Hm.

Also, students tended to have trouble with “Am” and “Photo.” To help them figure out the roots, I had them suggest words first, then see what they had in common. “Am” means love, and many names like Amy, and Amanda come from that root. When I asked my students what English names they could think of had “Am” in them, almost all classes responded “Amily.” Fail. When I asked what words (not even names, just words) had “Photo” guess what they responded? That’s right, Photosky. I think Amily Photosky teacher is almost as good as Animal teacher…