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Em in Asia! 2011-10-15 07:15:13

Saturday, October 15th, 2011

My students are overworked and are way too tired. On the bus today (it’s a Saturday here) I ran into some students who explained to me that they were coming back from Gwangju where they had attempted to donate blood. Unfortunately, they were turned away because you must have slept for at least five hours the previous night, and all of the girls there had only slept for three.

Many students don’t have a whole lot of time to sleep at night, because they either have extra classes, they must finish their homework, or study on their own just to keep up with their classes. This means that a lot of students take naps in the ten minutes between classes. However, there’s not a whole lot of time for sleep, and desks aren’t very comfortable, so they’ve streamlined the process by having specially designed classroom sleeping pillows.

Snapshot_20111015_3 This is my special new pillow friend. I thought he was an owl, hence the pun, but then I realized that owls don’t eat fish, which leads me to believe that my owl friend is actually a penguin friend. However penguins aren’t grey, unless they’re babies, and even then they don’t have white faces, so I’m just gonna say that he’s a cartoonish stuffed owl who likes to keep fish on his head.

Okay, so, this pillow is a genius idea. There is a hole in each side so that you can put your hands through the penguin, which makes sleeping on your desk a lot more comfortable.

So basically…