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Pollution: The Worst So Far!

Friday, October 31st, 2014

Yesterday, the pollution was OUT. OF. CONTROL. The worst I’ve seen since being in China, period.

The index!

The index!

Out. OF. *****CONTROL******

Do you hear me?

Even the Messiah Himself could NOT have taken *A SINGLE BREATH* in that madness – no matter how anointed He may be.

My eyes kept watering, felt like someone had their hand around my throat, and was irritable beyond belief. I kept falling asleep in my One on TWO class…Yes. ONE ON TWO…meaning there was just me and one other student and ONE teacher… WATCHING me falling asleep. I have *NEVER* struggled so hard to stay awake. Every three things she said, I was *OUT*.

I’m surprised she didn’t just kick me out of the classroom. Later she and some other people told me that the pollution can make people extremely sleepy – especially when you’re not used to it. That would explain her patience with me. I apologized profusely anyway.

Now I’m sick, my throat feels jagged beyond belief, and I sound like Barry White again.

I ordered several masks.

This pollution will not have at me!

That aside… it is amazing the things that I have to think about now… buying face masks? May sound small and silly but it isn’t…it’s learning how to function in a different environment….particularly, how to live in one. O_OMASK

This photo doesn't do what I saw justice! One day, I'll get a good day!

This photo doesn’t do what I saw justice! One day, I’ll get a good photo…one day!