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The Lujan Zoo

Monday, April 26th, 2010

Saturday I went to the “World’s Most Dangerous Zoo,” according to Google. It is also the world’s most depressing zoo, according to myself. But I am glad I had the experience and might even sign the online petition to shut it down..

It was here I also learned that I am afraid of animals. I never realized this until recently, because I like them so much, but really sometimes I am scared. Or just think they are really dirty and won’t touch them when other people will.

I hope you all don’t freak out at the end but I can assure you I am alive and whole in my bed and it will probably never happen again. So enjoy the pictures!

We finally made it! The bus was dangerous too, I had to stand at the front for awhile just past the stairs, crammed inside as we were speeding down the highway.

It is also a tractor graveyard. Very bizarre place.

I rode an elephant!

And a camel!

We saw baby lions:

And baby tigers:

And bears, but I didn’t take a picture of the bear because he was on a lot of drugs and it was sad.

And then, the highlight of the trip, and the reason for this blog entry:

I fed a tiger!!! Above, I am scared and doing it wrong

Below, he is licking my hand! AHHH!

San Rafeal

Monday, April 26th, 2010

My third weekend trip recently was to San Rafeal in province of Mendoza. We were outdoorsy adventurers and went to two different wineries.

The hotel…

…and around the hotel. We had a free morning and then went hiking that afternoon.


My dog Lizzie would not have lasted 2 minutes with these guys. They were insane.

Day 2 we went repelling!

Here you can see someone else repelling:

And my friend who has an amazing camera took this picture of me on the zip-line:

That afternoon we visited two wineries.

Delicious Cabernet grapes!

And then, look who I found beside a pile of grapes!:

And that’s when I decided I was adopting a kitten.

The next winery was more “family-oriented” than the first, which was international instead of local.

They also had more animals.

The last day we went rafting. That was quite an experience…I had no idea class 2 rapids could be INTENSE. Very early on, one of the guides from the other raft pulled up close to ours, grabbed my life jacket, and tried to pull me out! Into the water! I am seriously afraid of rocks, probably due to a previous traumatizing rafting experience, and wasn’t a huge fan of this. It was really unexpected and I didn’t know what was going on. It turns out we were in for a pirate rafting tour, so to speak, including “stealing the girls” from other rafts and capturing them. I didn’t read the pamphlet, but I don’t think that was what I signed up for. There was also a lot of yelling involved and our guide purposely leading us into the sides of cliffs. It was actually fun though, in a scary sort of way. But I would rather have had previous knowledge of the surprise. I probably wouldn’t do it again considering how I felt afterward, which was freezing cold and really tense and banged up. I still have bruises on my legs to this day!

Here is an after picture. I am happy to be alive:

This blog post is so long. My trip is almost over though. We headed back to the hotel and I took a hot shower in the middle of them serving lunch (yes the service was that slow, sorry Mom for being rude- I didn’t have that much time! It had to be done).

I was super exhausted and wanted to go to lay in bed, finally safe and warm and dry, but I knew I had to sleep as best I could on the bus ride home so I went on a trip to the dam instead. We fit 23 people into a 13 passenger van.

I’m glad I went, because this is what I saw!!

Gorgeous! The End. The bus arrived back at our University 9am the next morning.