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Chants and Cheers

Monday, May 28th, 2012

Last week (well… Monday and Thursday) I taught a lesson based on cheers and chants to my 2nd graders and advanced first graders, to get them in the mood for sports day. We practiced rhyme and rhyme scheme, watched a few videos of chats at my high school, then I broke them into small groups and had them come up with chants supporting their homerooms. I was cleaning out my teacher binder (which I have to do every week or it becomes unmanageable) and I came across these gems:

“We are one.
We are run.
We are fun.
Hit you, wow!”

“Go, go
Win, win
We will be

and my personal favorite

“Cheer up go!
We will make goal!
Cheer up yo!
We are black hole!”

Because I was sick Tuesday and Wednesday, and we had Sports Day on Friday,  I wasn’t able to do this with any of my 2nd grade boys classes, so I’m going to rework the lesson and have them come up with cheers for the South Korean Summer Olympics team (which team? any team).  We’ll see if the boys do cute cheerleader moves like my girls did. I’m thinking probably not.