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Sir Lancelot and Clotted Cream Mania

Sunday, November 20th, 2011

So after three months in Bath, I finally sampled the famous clotted cream I’d been hearing so much about. My roommate and I went to a quaint tea shop, “The Bath Bun.” After being warmly greeted, we were ushered upstairs to a room straight out of the Victorian era–oddly reminding me of Madame Puddifoot’s in Harry Potter. Classical music was softly playing, the tables draped in floral tablecloths, china dotted with ultra-girly florals. Christmas lights were strung up for the impending festivities, and tables were filled with only women chatting amongst themselves. There’s something so loveable about seeing old British ladies chatting over their afternoon teas and cakes…

I got the classic afternoon tea spread—a tea of my choice (jasmine), biscuits (cookies for you Americans), a sandwich (tuna/cucumber), clotted cream and a slice of cake.

Lovely little spread


Clotted cream is huge here, and the best way I can describe it is a warm flaky biscuit which you cut in half, then spread it with a light, airy butter and strawberry preserve. It’s refreshingly tasty! The Victoria cake I ordered was basically light vanilla cake with cream cheese and strawberry jam in the middle.


I sincerely believe I need to start a Clotted Cream Awareness group for America. How were we not aware of this delectable dessert? And afternoon tea? It’s served between lunch and dinner, as the perfect way to wind you down after a harrowing day and have a little chat amongst your girlfriends.

We felt insanely classy as we sipped our teas and daintily nipped at our cakes.

Worthy of a cupcake show. Notice the edible little jewels!


Clotted Cream!




It was so nice and relaxing to just sit down after a day of essays and work to enjoy a cup of jasmine tea in an environment that promotes relaxation amongst ladies. Not to say it was exclusive to women, but you get the feeling men only come here if they’re dragged by force or guilt-tripping. Dolores Umbridge would be proud to have tea in this utterly pink-plastered, floral tea shop!


Oh riiiiight, and to throw something else to make all my fellow nerds back home jealous:

I saw John Cleese turn on the Christmas Lights throughout the city! John Cleese lives here in Bath, at The Crescent. There was a little concert given, with a bunch of singing acts filmed by the BBC last Thursday. A troupe of women sang the infamous “Halleluah.”  The Stockingtops, a group of older ladies decked out in red coats and fur hats, sang carols  too. 3000 people came out to see Sir Lancelot turn on the lights.  I just happened to see him from THIS close:

Ask me the questions, Bridgekeeper, I am not afraid!


“Mr. Cleese, is there a character you’ve played in the past that you particularly identify with?”

“No.” *cue the laughs* “I’m shocked all of you came out to see this, you should be at home eating.”

“What are your plans for Christmas?”

“Well I’m going to visit my daughter in California with Jenny (pictured, his girlfriend), that is if we’re not broken up by then. Christmastime is expensive for presents, you know.”

Jenny “That’s a very real possibility.”


Very dry sense of humor, but I suppose you don’t have to try to be funny when you’re Sir Lancelot. We went to an Irish pub afterwards and celebrated with the locals. And of course, the Christmas tree is up now too! I live in the most beautiful city :)