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The Storm Continues to Rage

Monday, August 27th, 2012

Melodramatic title aside, remember how yesterday I said I was more worried about walking in the rain and less worried about my windows? Well now I’m more worried about my windows.

Last night I spent a good hour stormproofing my apartment. The Korean government suggests spraying newspaper with water, then sticking it to the windows. I did that for a bit, until I ran out of newspaper (I have a lot of gigantic windows… which normally is a good thing) and then I put Xs on the remaining windows with tape. As of 8 this morning, which is when I left for school, everything’s still intact, though some water has gotten in and is now puddling at the base of my windows, but that normally happens when it rains.

[My newspapered windows. Every time I look at this I feel like one of those people in detective movies who put up newspaper clippings and over time it takes over their whole room. I kind of want to start taking string and attaching it to random words in the various articles and stare at it while muttering BUT WHAT DOES IT MEAN?!]

This morning I realized I was woefully unprepared for a jaunt in the rain, so I put on flipflops (no sense in getting good shoes wet) and a skirt (no sense in getting pant cuffs wet), wrapped my teaching bag in a plastic bag, grabbed my umbrella and left. I got halfway to school before another teacher saw me, took pity on me, and picked me up. The wind was blowing so hard that I had to put my umbrella directly in front of me, like a lance, and I couldn’t see a thing, and it still managed to turn my umbrella inside out. One of the trees on our campus fell down and is currently blocking the parking lot. This whole situation is ridiculous. The storm is right on us now, and with any luck in a few hours it’ll start clearing.

[This is the biggest typhoon Korea's seen in over a decade, and we're getting it by way of Japan. It must have hit them much harder than it's currently hitting us. The arrows denote where I am on this map.]



Well, all we can really do is keep calm and carry on. Hopefully the only typhoon updates I’ll have later in the day will be about how the typhoon  has moved on, and there’s a gorgeous double rainbow.