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Orientation Week Trips

Sunday, July 31st, 2011

So! I’ve been poring over the ASE site almost every single day now, and I’ve been looking especially at the optional (but seriously, who would pass these up?) trips during orientation week. And my nerdy English-major self is especially excited about the first one :)

1) Stonehenge, Salisbury, and Lacock.

Well of course Stonehenge warrants no introduction. It’s clearly coordinates aliens left to come back and attack us with. Salisbury, where Stonehenge is, has medieval cathedrals, and castles and forts from the Iron Age. And Lacock Abbey is where (drumroll) TONS of Harry Potter was filmed!!!

Aw yeah, recognize that abbey? If you don’t, you seriously need to re-evaluate the direction your life is going.

2) Nearby Spots of Historical Interest

The spot varies with the semesters, past trips were The Cotswolds and Glastonbury, where King Arthur is supposedly buried (picture).

Since I’m taking “Myths and Legends of Britain and Ireland,” I’m definitely rooting for a Glastonbury trip. Allegedly, it’s heavily mentioned in the Avalon myths, and has strong ties to the Holy Grail and Lancelot. Not only would that add depth to my class, but then I could annoy everyone and quote Monty Python the entire trek to see it.

3)Substantial Hike

While I’m sure my thighs will hate me for this, I’m definitely going on the hiking trip. The Jurassic Coast has apparently been a past location. Another favorite spot is Brecon Beacons National Park in Wales (pictured).

Apparently you can walk the entire park/mountain if you have 8 days to spare (it’s 95 miles…but I think I’ll pass on that one). I’ve got my sturdy hiking boots and weatherproof gear all set to go, and how many people can say they’ve gone mountain climbing in Wales? Anyone know any good hiking songs??