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ZOMBIE ATTACK: Survival Plans

Tuesday, November 1st, 2011

The best of the best, and the funniest of the worst.


The Winners

Class 2.4′s winner:

“Dig the ground by hand And make a spear with bamboo And stick it into a hole. And cover the hole with blanket. Cut spam like brains and skins. Hanging on the hoop and swing attract zombie and then they will go to hole and die.” – Followed by a picture.

Class 2.4′s Runner-Up:

“Bamboo because we can build a castle. Shotgun because we can kill zombie from a distance. Spam and kimchi because we can eat this and these are not decayed.”
[Teacher's note: Main reason they did not win was because they forgot the shotgun runs out of bullets. They then said they'd use the bamboo from their castle as spears, but then they wouldn't have a castle anymore.]

Class 1.1A’s winner:

“Tool 1 – Dog:
he can attract zombies with his fresh brain!
Tool 2 – Flame Thrower:
we can burn them to the ash!!
Tool 3 – Shotgun
Zombies are sieged by us. We can shoot them in distance.
Tool 4 – Chainsaw
We can hang it on the wall and kill zombies or it can explode!”
[They verbally explained they would use the dog's brain to lure the zombies into a trap and set them on fire. They could also make the chainsaw explode by using the flamethrower. Any zombies that escaped they would pick off at a distance with the shotgun.]

Class 1.1A’s Runner Up:

“Tool 1: Flame Thrower
Because it’s powerful, easy to use.
Tool 2: Dog
Because it can bite, they’re trained. We can eat it when we are hungry. Not lonely.
Tool 3: Wood and nails
Because we can make fire.
Tool 4: Rope
Because we can tie them.

Plan: We can train and order dog to make zombies together [to gather them together] and bite them Meanwhile we tie them and throw woods on the floor Make fire!! with flame thrower. camp fire!!”
[Main reason they didn't win was they didn't take into account that the dog could turn into a ZOMBIE DOG.]

Class 2.2′s Winner:

“Tools 1. Blanket
Tools 2. Axe
Tools 3. Chainsaw
Tools 4. Kimchi

We cover blanket and go to Teacher 영수 (Young-su, my co-teacher). And he must be angry. We girp [give?] the axe and chainsaw to Teacher 영수. And we run away. And in case we disguise like zombie with kimchi soup. Then Teacher 영수 kill the zombie.”

Class 2.1′s Winner:

“Chainsaw: Because it is strong power.
Axe: Because it is strong power. we can use this to cut off zombie’s head.
Flamethrower: Because to kill many zombies.
Spam: Because we will make spam like brain shape with chainsaw and make hot with flamethrower and give to zombie.”

Class 2.5′s Winner:

“Spam – Because we can eat by flamethrower and chainsaw.
Chainsaw – we can cut the spam to cook. and we can chop the z’s head.
Flame Thrower – we can cook the spam and zombie. if the fuel run out of  we can use spam’s oil.
Wood and nailgun – we can make our home to live in. And we can make baseball bat by using chainsaw. We can play baseball with z’s head.”

Class 2.5′s Runner-up (just barely):

“Super Dog – He can bite kill zombie and we can eat the dog in need. And cute. We can also use its hide and claw.
Flame Thrower – Shoot the zombie and can cook the dog. If it runs out of oil we can use dog’s oil.
Chainsaw – Cut the dog’s meat and kill the zombie. If it runs out of oil we can also use oil.
Rope – Hang the dog. Trap with rope. Hang the zombie and laugh at hung zombie.
And whip -> Zombie.”

The [Funny] Zombie Victims

Class 2.4

“1. Spam: Spam mail
2. Kimchi: Birthday gift
3. Shotguns: Gift for zombie
4. Blankets: Strangle”

Class 2.9

“1. A dog: Because we can eat a dog when we are hungry.
2. Spam: Because we can eat a spam when we are hungry.
3. Kimchi: Because we can eat a kimchi when we are hungry.
4. An axe: Because we cut spam, kimchi and dog
* Flamethrower: Because we can eat grilled dog, spam and kimchi”

Class 2.9 (Again)

“Spam and Kimchi: For eating
Blanket: For sleeping
Dog: Friend
[we will go on peaceful ways]
*-Zombies are our friends!”

Class 1.8A

“1. Axe: Because zombie chew axe.
2. Dog: Because zombie eat a dog instead person.
3. Kimchi: Because zombie like kimchi.
4 Spam: Because it’s delicious.”


Worth a note, all of the people who have died in this game so far are boys.