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Tuesday, May 8th, 2012

I’ve had two really fun interactions with my second grade boys today.

This week as a post-midterms fun class in second grade we’re playing Chalkboard Scrabble (and they’ve been killing it – the last class had teams that created the words “candidate” and “zebra”). At the end of class I was putting away all of the letter tiles and a student came over to help me.

“Oh! Thank you! You’re so sweet.”
“I cannot be sweet. I am not a candy.”
“Ah, but we can use ‘sweet’ to describe people too.”
“오 진짜?”

 As if on cue my second grade boys started running around the classroom and yelling in their friends’ faces “You are so sweet!” and proclaiming “I am SWEET GUY.” So cute. Then it got kinda not cute.

“But you must be careful with the pronunciation. It’s swEEt not swEAt.”
“아, Yes, and it is not SWAT. Special Weapons Attack Team [Before you correct me, yes, I know that that's the wrong acronym]. I wish I was SWAT. Give me a machine gun please!”
“… Never.”

I also taught Bad and BAD’s class today. After class I saw Bad in the hallway.
“Teacher! BFF.”
“Ah, you mean BAD?”
“No. YOU!”