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Sydney By Night

Tuesday, May 31st, 2011

In the two weeks that Justin was here he did a fairly thorough combing through of all the city’s main attractions. I think he probably went to every site of historical significance that was accessible by foot and bus. Most days I would go to class in the mornings and he would venture out into the city and then once I was done with class I would meet him somewhere and we would do something in the afternoon and end up back at the apt around 5. We covered a lot of ground this way, but having such full days leaves you very tried and not too keen on doing much in the evenings. Yes we would cook dinner and chat with my roommates and friends on the hall, but we didn’t do much in the way of nightlife. Towards the end of his stay I mentioned this and suggested that on the Thursday night before we left for Canberra we explore Sydney after hours. Thursday night is ideal for going out since places don’t tend to be as crowded as they are on Fridays and Saturdays and most bars do not charge cover on Thursdays.

My original plan was for the two of us to bus downtown to check out The Three Monkeys and Scruffy Murphy’s, two bar/clubs with live music that are right across the street from one another. However, as we were getting ready to go out Yaella showed up and invited us to check out a jazz bar that she had been too once before in Surry Hills with Lindsay. Knowing how much Justin likes Jazz I suggested that we abandon our original plan and go with Yaella and Lindsay instead.

The first time Yaella had gone to this club she had walked there with Jill and her cousin, and this time we were going to take the bus so we figured out which stop we needed and caught the bus on Glebe Point Rd. Once we got on we asked the driver to please tell us when we had approached the stop we were looking for and he grumpily agreed to do so. We rode the bus for about 20 minutes into downtown, and at some point Yaella looked up and said “This isn’t anywhere near Surry Hills”

When we asked the bus driver about this, he told us that his route didn’t really go near Surry Hills and what we needed to do is get off and walk about 30 minutes west. So much for going to the jazz club. Being that we were already downtown we decided to see what there was to do down there. Yaella suggested The Ivy, which is an upscale cocktail bar frequented by young professionals after work. We went in and it took us all of 45 seconds to determine that this was not our scene. Next stop was a dance club that had very cheap beverages, but when we walked onto the dance floor we were literally the only people there who were not working there. We did a fairly quick u-turn out of there. Since we were working our way up towards The Three Monkeys I suggested we go through with my original plan and head there, Yaella and Lindsay agreed.

Upon walking into the Three Monkeys Justin was delighted to find a very chill bar atmosphere. Yaella and Lindsay and I had dragged him to a nightclub the first weekend he was here for Lindsay’s birthday and since he dances like a stereotypical white boy he never feels comfortable in places like that. Fearful that he was being dragged into a similar establishment he was relieved to find an actual bar with people hanging out at tables and not grinding to laser lights and club music.

Spiffed up for a night on the town

Feeling very mature in my black dress with adult beverage in hand. My first strawberry daiquiri. mmmm

I steered everyone upstairs to the third floor since I was the only one who had been there before. As we climbed the stairs a thumping club beat became louder and louder. I could feel Justin growing dreadful of what awaited us on the top floor. We emerged to a dance floor with a live band that was on break, and so club music was playing and Justin was visibly grumpy about this. I told him that the reason I thought he would like it is because there was a live band, but he wasn’t having it, he didn’t like clubs and he thought I had dragged him to one under false pretenses.

Lindsay and Yaella wanted to dance, so Justin and I went back downstairs to get drinks and once we got back up the band was playing. About ten minutes into their set Justin was tapping his toes and singing along and I was sporting the “I told you so” smirk across my face. Yaella got asked to dance by a guy who was drooling over her. Literally. This guy actually had a dribble of drool down his chin, and we all kept waiting for him to wipe it, but he didn’t. Yaella was very hesitant at first but somehow was coerced into dancing with him, but keept a good few inches of distance between her and the drool face. Lindsay, Justin and I were observing this and cracking up, but Yaella ending up getting a free drink out of it. The band at the Three Monkeys did an interesting selection of songs and some clever remixes but generally speaking the band wasn’t all that talented so around midnight I suggested we headed over to Scruffy Murphy’s for a bit. Yaella was happy for any excuse to get away from the drool monster so she excused herself to go to the bathroom and then we dipped out of the Three Monkeys and ran across the street to Scruffy Murphy’s.

The atmosphere there is similar to The Three Monkeys, but a bit more like a traditional bar. Although there was a live band there and they were a lot more musically talented than the first one had been. Also they had far better haircuts. Lindsay, Yaella and I went to town, dancing our little butts off and just generally having a great time. I even got Justin out onto the dance floor and he was singing along to the music and twirling me around like a pro. At one point when I was up dancing with the girls and Justin was sitting down some older guy came up to Justin and said

“Hey mate, is that your bird?” (bird is an australian colloquial term for girl, and he was pointing at me)

and Justin said


and he said

“Good on ya mate!”

We all had a good chuckle about this later.

Ladies: composed, Yaella sporting the infamous leather pants

Ladies rocking out, and is that a hint of cleavage I spy? Perhaps? One can dream!

Am I really that tall? I wasn't even wearing heels.

My two favorite people to walk around Sydney with

We had only planned on staying out till around midnight, but we were having such a great time that we didn’t end up making it back to Glebe till around 2 am. Justin kept saying,”we will leave when they play a bad song” and they just never did. Finally the band took a break though, and we decided it was time to make our exit. We walked back to Glebe and promptly crawled into bed since Justin and I had a 7am bus to catch to Canberra the next morning. Even though we knew we wouldn’t get much sleep and would be exhausted the following day, it was a great night out and we had no regrets.