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Running on Fumes

Tuesday, April 2nd, 2013

One of my favorite thoughtful third grade girls has taken to visiting me during the daily cleaning period. Cleaning period goes from 3:20 to 3:40, but normally she’s done at 3:30 (apparently toilet-cleaning duty, as squicky as it sounds is a good job to get because you finish early) so she comes to the office and we chat while other teachers around listen in and congratulate her scholastic attitude. Little do they know that we mostly just chat. I’ve taken to teaching her random idioms, and she’s taken to teaching me in idioms in return.

English – to bomb a test.
Korean – 비가 내렸다 [biga neryeotda: rain falls]. In Korean when you get a question wrong on a test it’s marked with a downwards tic-mark. When you get a lot of questions wrong, it looks like it is raining on your paper. This idiom does not have the same meaning as to bomb a test, so this is not a comparison of the two idioms but rather what we taught each other earlier in the week.

Today she came in out of breath and looked exhausted. I handed her two coffee stick, and taught her the expression “running on fumes.”

“I think that can apply to both of us.” I said, she agreed, and we both wished the other luck on this gloomy, wet Tuesday.