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Creating Countries

Sunday, May 5th, 2013

I had my students create their own countries. The results were a little weird.

Political System: Dictatorship
Industries: milk, beef, cheese
Official Language: Korean
Marrying Age: 18. Because NH wants to marry right now.
Military: Option
Educational System: 13, must
3 Things that are Legal: Must have cow, milk a cow, bow to cow
3 Things that are Illegal: Hate milk, hit the cow, raise other animal.

Political System: Anarchy
Industries: Troll’s underwear
Official Language: English and Troll
Marrying Age: No limitation (but can’t marry troll)
Military: Mandatory (both men and women)
Educational System: Have to go to school until 20 (but, troll cannot have school)
3 Things that are Legal: You can kill troll. Trolls can kill people. You can have weapons.
3 Things that are Illegal: Trolls cannot marry people. Murder. Trolls cannot suicide.

Political System: Monarchy
Industries: Time machine. Eco-friendly products.
Official Language: Korean and binary.
Marrying Age: 18 -> because ideal is grown enough at about 18.
Military: None.
Educational System: Students must go to school up to University or College (24)
3 Things that are Legal: 1. Time travel 2. Can dropout only if a person is studying. 3. Can go camping anywhere important in time or to the environment.
3 Things that are Illegal: Don’t Destroy: 1) Time 2) Environment 3) Humanism

Political System: Anarchy
Industries: medicine, plant, fruit, ant, sand
Official Language: animal sounds
Marrying Age: No limit
Military: Optional
Educational System: to survive in nature
3 Things that are Legal: watering the flowers, plant trees, produce butterflies
3 Things that are Illegal: pick up plants, stomping on ants, catch butterflies