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Sunday, June 1st, 2014

This post is LONG overdue, but better late than never, right? A few weekends ago, a group of 9 of us took a day trip to Würzburg. It was 17 May, to be exact. Since the town was in Bayern, we bought a few Schönes Wochenende Tickets and headed south! The ticket allows you to travel on all regional trains throughout Germany, and up to 5 people can ride on one ticket. With 5 people, it only costs about 9 Euro per person!

It was about  2.5 hour ride there, so we left around 9:30 and arrived in Würzburg around noon. Anni read (just on Wikipedia) that the oldest pizzeria in Germany was in Würzburg, so we thought that would be a cool place for lunch.  However, once we got off the train, most of the group just started towards the city with no plan of where we were going or where this pizza place was. After a minor debate, and directions on an smart phone, we were on our way to pizza. Of course things did not go according to plan… We stumbled upon the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Palace, so of course we had to stop for pictures! There were beautiful gardens on the grounds surrounding the palace as well. We asked someone to take a group picture of us in front of the palace, but like all Germans do, they literally just took a picture of us, with no palace in the background…

Exhibit A:



After a stroll through the gardens (I felt like I was in “Gnomeo & Juliet” with all of the trimmed and shaped hedges.), we made our way to Kiliansdom and had a look around the cathedral. Anneka mentioned that she thought it was very modern for a church – the entire inside was white!


At this point, we had already wandered around part of town, seen a few sights, but we still had not found the pizzeria, and it was already after 14:00! We were all hungry, and instead of trying to find this place, we agreed to split up, find food on our own, and meet afterwards to continue our adventures through the city. Anneka and I came across a farmers’ market happening on Marktplatz (their version of Erfurt’s Domplatz), so we found a small stand and had Currywurst for lunch, yum! Anneka had mentioned to me earlier, that she loves seeing/ visiting all of the different churches and there was another church located on Marktplatz (Marienkapelle), so we were going to have a look inside, except a wedding had just come out of the church, and we didn’t feel like we should explore.

Anneka and I were a few minutes early to the meeting place and time, so I left my stuff (including my camera) with Anneka, while I ran to the bathroom. It wasn’t until I returned to Erfurt Saturday evening that I found the lovely pictures Anneka took with my camera. Here’s a few for your enjoyment: :)

DSCF4800 DSCF4801 DSCF4802

It’s 15:00, and time to meet up with the others. Since we were in the city centre, we were surrounded by churches and when the clock struck 15:00, you knew..

DSCF4805 (only audio, I left the cap on my camera, so you only have to listen. PS – don’t mind Anneka’s comment about the pigeons walking around… )

Next we headed towards Festung Marienberg, which was a huge fortress overlooking the entire city! As we crossed the Alte Mainbrücke, there were a ton of people on the bridge, but none of us knew what was going on. I finally got close enough to the rail to see that there were a bunch of plastic ducks in the river! Erfurt also had an event similar to this; People decorate plastic ducks, and then they are all placed in the water, and the first duck to cross the finish line wins. I don’t really know all of the logistics behind the event, but that’s the gist of it.

It was a major hike to get to the fortress on top of the hill. (On the way down, Jill and I counted and we think there was about 250+ steps to the top.) Halfway up, we found a bench, but only the Europeans stopped to rest, while the Americans continued upward. So much for the lazy American stereotype!!

Ewa, Alena, Anni, & Minna (Poland, Slovakia, Finland and Finland) take a break ;)

Ewa, Alena, Anni, & Minna (Poland, Slovakia, Finland and Finland) take a break ;)

Earlier in the day, I had wished for an overlook of the city, and I think I got my wish from atop the fortress. The view was spectacular! Pictures do not do it justice!


After a long but exciting day in Würzburg, it was time to catch the train home. I had an amazing time in Würzburg and would definitely go back another time and see the rest of the city that I didn’t see during this trip.

Erik all tuckered out on the train home.

Erik all tuckered out on the train home.


Fun Story!!

Anneka and I witnessed a full wedding while in Würzburg! In the morning, the bride rode past the palace in a old fashioned convertable. After lunch we saw the couple just after the kiss, once they exited the church. And then we saw the party guests going to the reception at the fortress, followed by the wedding party driving by, once we had descended the fortress!! We joked that we pretty much attended the wedding, the bride and groom just didn’t realize it. :)

More pictures from Würzburg can be found here.